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Tribute to Emily Couric YHS '65

In Memoriam

Emily Couric YHS '65

After graduating with the Yorktown Class of 1965 Emily studied Biology at Smith College, in Northampton, Mass.  She and Clark Wadlow YHS 64 were married and had two sons - Ray and Jeff - and later were divorced. Emily remarried University of Virginia cardiologist George Beller. 

Emily described her profession as writer in her 20th Reunion Memory book, but that was before she became active in State politics serving as a Senator in the Virginia legislature since 1995.  By the time she died of pancreatic cancer at 54 Emily was widely viewed as the front runner for the Virginia Lieutenant Governorship, with many predicting she would be elected Governor.  One of the pieces of legislation of which is was most proud was the successful effort she championed to require insurance companies to pay for colon cancer screening after the death of her sister's husband of colon cancer in 1998.

Emily's enthusiasm and engaging personality was died were widely praised by both political friends and colleagues and foes. Emily is survived by her husband George, her two sons, and  two sisters, Katie Couric, and Clara Batchelor; her brother, John M. Couric Jr.; and her parents, Elinor and John M. Couric, who still live in Arlington.

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