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In Memoriam - Edith Carolyn Burroughs


Edith Carolyn Burroughs YHS '88

Edith Carolyn Burroughs was born on December 7, 1969, to Virginia Cornell Burroughs and William Stanley Burroughs, Jr.  She lived in Arlington, Virginia, all her life, except for her education in Greenville, North Carolina, and a brief residence in Fairfax County following her graduation from college.

She attended Tuckahoe Elementary and Swanson Middle Schools, and in 1988 she graduated from Yorktown High School, where she rowed crew.  During her school years Edith swam at the Overlee Pool and played in Arlington County's soccer league.  In 1993, she received her B.A. in Communications from East Carolina University, where she was a member of Delta Zeta Sorority.

While at East Carolina, Edith had considered interior design as a major, rather than communications.  Therefore, after a sustained but unsuccessful effort to enter broadcast journalism, she redirected her energy to interior design, having concluded that the broadcast field was just too crowded in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Her goal was to be certified by the American Society of Interior Design in their six-year program of schooling and work experience. 

Needing credits in addition to those she had earned for her college degree in order to attain A.S.I.D. Certification, Edith went back to school at Northern Virginia Community College.  At the same time, she worked in Northern Virginia as an interior designer for several small firms before joining the consulting firm of Booz Allen Hamilton in 2000, in their administrative support group at Tysons Corner.  Her goal at Booz Allen was to work in planning and design.  Edith continued her design classes and also was employed part-time at Dominion Floors in Arlington, as a sales person and their interior design consultant.

Edith's creative talent led to an interest in handcrafted items such as holiday wreaths and greeting cards.  She produced several original designs and was contemplating a sideline of designing and producing such items for sale in gift shops.

Just recently, having succeeded in her initial position and been recommended by her supervisor for advancement, Edith had been informed that she was to meet with a Booz Allen executive, as the first step toward her goal of working as a designer for the firm.

Edith met an untimely death on March 5, 2002, as the result of injuries suffered in an automobile accident in Arlington on March 2, when another driver ran a red light.  She did not regain consciousness, and we take comfort in the fact that she did not suffer.

Despite our terrible sense of loss of Edith, especially as she was about to achieve a goal she had long sought, we must take comfort in the fact that she was happy with her life at the end.

Edith was a loving, generous and creative person.  We were very fortunate to have her with us for as long as we did, and we must focus on this blessing, rather than our loss.  We will miss her always, more than we can say, but she is with God now, an that is the most comfort we could ask.

March 9, 2002

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