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The Hall of Fame and Inspiration was created in 2004 and includes such notable alumni as broadcaster Katie Couric (class of ’75), Google CEO Eric Schmidt (’72), Olympic swimmer Tom Dolan (’93), the late astronaut David Brown (’74) and Hilton Hotels CEO Chris Nassetta (’80).

      The addition of nine in 2022 brings the total inductees to 44, after rounds of inductions in 2004, 2008, 2014 and 2018.

      An inductee can be an achiever in any field of endeavor that brings credit to the school. He or she can be famous nationally or locally, living or deceased, and should be inspiring to the high school-age students who will walk by their plaques every day.

Future Nominations

The selections of distinguished alumni are made by a committee of alumni, a former teacher and a student member. Nominations are solicited from former students and the community via local news outlets and the website Yorktownalums.org seeking suggestions based on the following criteria: β€œalumni (including faculty and staff) who went on to become well known for achievement in any area of endeavor that brings credit to the school and whose story is compelling and inspiring.” The committee then votes on finalists. Nominations for the next round of inductions can be submitted by email to Charlie Clark.


Spring 2022 Inductions

Spring 2018 Inductions

Spring 2014 Inductions

Spring 2008 Inductions

Spring 2004 Inductions

Funds for the 2008 inductions into the YHS Hall of Fame and Inspiration came largely through a generous gift from Melody Miller (YHS β€˜63), an original supporter and member of the HOF&I founding committee. Her endowment is in honor of the beloved Sara Jane Knight, a remarkable social studies teacher from 1961-92, who mentored, encouraged and inspired YHS students to take an active interest in the civic life of our nation.

The tributes assembled here grew out of a project to honor alumni, teachers and staff whose deeds and lives bring credit to Yorktown High School. The first installment of this expandable exhibit was sponsored in 2003 by the Alumni & Friends of Yorktown High School, Inc., the Yorktown High School PTA, and the Yorktown High School administration led by Principal Raymond Pasi. It was prepared by a volunteer committee of alumni and current students, teachers and parents who considered dozens of nominations received in response to an e-mail survey sent to thousands of alumni.

The Hall of Fame and Inspiration plaques were made possible through the generosity of Hubert N. "Jay" Hoffman III, YHS Class of 1962. He made his gift in honor of a beloved Yorktown teacher, Mary Stuart Moseley, who taught business from 1960-78.